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What is Boujoux? 

Boujoux is a combination of the French words for buttons and jewelry: boutons and bijoux. Boujoux! It’s such a fun word. Say it out loud once, and you’ll love it.  

Meet our owner/designer. 

Mandy Roussel has been designing and making jewelry since 2006. She owned a jewelry design business in Austin, TX, but a move back to her hometown of Baton Rouge, LA and motherhood altered her best laid plans. After a decade-long hiatus, Mandy returned to the jewelry world by working as a maker/designer at Grandmother’s Buttons in St. Francisville, LA. She applied on a whim to earn extra money, but she gained so much more than a paycheck. She reignited her passion for jewelry designing while developing a new appreciation for vintage buttons and glass.  After Grandmother’s Buttons announced their closing, Mandy decided that she had to find a way to continue the tradition of giving buttons a safe space to be the jewelry they have always wanted to be.  


So, welcome to Boujoux!  

 Laissez les boutons etre des bijoux!

Mandy Roussel, Owner/Designer